One of the biggest events on the calendar for 4-H members comes up this weekend.

4-H On Parade gets started Friday at stampede park in Calgary and vice-chair Rita Even says over 500 members of the Calgary zone will be there.

"Basically if you do a big circle around Calgary, about 150 kilometres in either direction that's the catchment area, so as far north as Innisfail, Sundre, west to Cochrane, east to Drumheller out that way and then south to High River Vulcan, Arrowwood, that kind of thing," she says.

Erven explains there's still a lot of steers and heifers shown at the event along with horses that compete in a Horse Bowl trivia contest and an obstacle course. For those with sheep at the event there's confirmation, showmanship and trimming classes, but that not all they'll be doing.

"We also have puppies, so the canine show," Erven says. "They do showmanship, agility, obedience and something called canine good neighbour classes, which is basically what it sounds like so how does puppy behave around puppies and other people and then we have life skills."

She says that involves everything from archery to welding and baking to quilting.

A special event this year is a drum circle Saturday night.

It's all open to the public free of charge except for parking on the grounds.