In honour of Canada's 150th Anniversary, a local charity is challenging businesses and individuals to complete one act of compassion every month for 12 months.

A Better World has completed a number of humanitarian projects both in Central Alberta and throughout the world.

Co-Founder and Executive Director Eric Rajah says the inspiration for this campaign takes him back to when he was just 13 years old and his father told him they were moving to Canada “we knew nothing about Canada, there was only one thing we all knew about Canada before I moved here was that Canada is a country of kindness and compassion, we probably didn’t even know there is snow in Canada, but we knew there was kindness and compassion”.

Rajah wants to honour Canada’s roots and he’s hopeful you’ll get on board “it was built on peace, compassion and kindness and that’s the project we’re going to push. This is not going to take any money, we’re not going to raise any money for this, and I’m hoping it will catch on to other communities. So remember, every month this year to do one act of compassion”.

If you're interested in taking part, you can submit your monthly act of compassion online A Better World to help inspire others.