Starting this week the Medicine River Wildlife Centre is offering a convenient alternative to taking your used drink containers to the bottle depot.  

Instead volunteers will leave you a collection bin, pick your bottles up at your home or business, record your pick-ups and at the end of the year present you with an income tax receipt.

“We are looking for new ways to have an income for the Wildlife Centre,” Executive Director, Carol Kelly said. We are moving towards more of a business model and providing services, instead of always doing fundraisers and looking for donations.”

The MRWC provides care for injured and orphaned wildlife with the aim of returning the animal back to its habitat.

Kelly added right now they looking for people to help carry out the new initiative.

“We have some volunteers to start it off with and we also have some people who’ve already signed up, so we are looking for both. If you’d like to volunteer to be a bottle collector or if you’d like to put your name down to get the bottles out of your way on a regular basis, we’d be happy to help.”

The service will be available all over Central Alberta as long as they have volunteers in that area.

Those interested in signing up can contact MRWC at 403-728-3467 or