Several farmers showed up for the Alberta Barley and Wheat Commission meeting in Lacombe today, to hear from experts and voice their concerns.

Some of the big concerns this year were related to the wet fall and not being able to get crops off on time.

“Most of the problems are environmental and producers really have no control over them.  Fusarium is a big factor, especially in Saskatchewan; we’re seeing some in Alberta as well, but not nearly as much," Grain Grader, Larry Michta said. "What we’re seeing is mildew and sprout damage and with the crops staying out over the winter, that could be another factor in the spring."

Michta added the grain commission has eased off on mildew, allowing more this year than in the past. 

Lastly, Michta explained having your samples graded, will give you a leg up when it comes to selling to different buyers.

Director Terry Young said trying to get the province to be more proactive in their service and getting crops analyzed quicker is something that would help farmers.

“We would like to see AFSC take the farmers that haven’t finished harvest and handle them first to determine what type of advancement they could get. For those who are done harvest and need their bins to be measured, for crop reduction purposes, that can be done later.”

Other concerns addressed included agronomics, how to increase yields and how to deal with problems and mitigate risk.