Lacombe saw a large crowd for the Kids can Catch day at the Len Thompson Fish Pond where the unofficial world’s biggest lure has been installed and erected for all of the city to see.

City Councillor Jonathon Jacobson thought there was a substantial turn out for Kids Can Catch largely because of the new attraction.

“To be honest, I am more impressed with the hook. I mean the whole thing is beautiful for sure but that hook is a tremendous piece of fabrication for sure,” said Jacobson.

To him, the lure was a bit both an odd and worthy request of Thompson-Pallister Bait Corporation.

“I wasn’t even aware until I started researching this file just how popular this brand of fish hook was to the entire country. I have heard stories of people backpacking through Europe and staying in little hostels and the owners are fishermen who know about Lacombe because of this hook here.”

The large five of diamonds lure drew out a crowd of anglers of all ages and can be seen from quite the distance sparking a sense of pride in Brad Pallister, President of Thompson-Pallister Bait Corporation. However, since the lure’s reveal last week, Pallister and his supporters have had a bit trouble with safely erecting the attraction.

“I got a huge smile on my face today. It’s been actually kind of a stressful project because we didn’t know if it was going to work and then we got it up to a point where we were pretty confident it was going to work but you know now that it’s up it’s really it’s extremely, extremely exciting,” said Pallister.

The big reveal of the lure at its’ installation site will be part of Pallister’s application to claim the world’s biggest fishing lure. Altogether the lure measures at approximately 40 long, whereas the current world record measures at only 16 feet long.

“I think it’s going to be a big source of pride for a lot of years and hopefully decades,” explained Pallister.

As he finishes the world record application, the five of diamonds are sure to attract even more visitors and anglers as time goes on.