This past Thursday January 20th, the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre (CACAC) held its fourth One Day Challenge – an initiative to recognize the courageous children supported by the Centre by selling the same number of lottery ticket packages as children served. This year’s challenge was their biggest yet, with a goal of 1,973 ticket packages.

Because of that challenge, $69,805 was sold for the CACAC 50/50 Cash Lottery. It's the largest sales total in the history of the fundraiser.

“One Day, One Child, One Ticket – One Community. It has been incredible to watch our community grow alongside us in the past 4 years, and their support this year was like no other. From our media partners sharing our story as much as possible, to our volunteers picking up their phones and calling everyone they knew, schools sending out to their staff, supporting businesses challenging one another to take part, and social media sharing on multiple platforms – it all made a difference. Our community came together for one reason – our kids. This year was an extremely large goal for us; 1,973 ticket packages is no small feat. We knew this would be difficult to achieve – but we had to stand by our “why” for this challenge: to represent every child and youth we have supported. And although we didn’t hit that number completely, we were able to achieve something more. Not only were we able to achieve our highest sales for our ODC, more importantly, we were able to create more awareness on the issue of child abuse, conversations on the crucial support CACAC provides to our community, and the role we all play in keeping our children safe. Thank you to each of you who took part and for making this our most successful challenge yet.” - Alyssa Barthel, Director of Community Development

The final day for sales of the tickets is February 3rd. Mark Jones the CEO of the CACAC also commented on this year's challenge.

“This year’s One Day Challenge was, among other things, exceptionally heartwarming. It was inspiring to see so many volunteers, schools, businesses, and people take on the challenge. We really couldn’t have done any of this without you all, and kudos to everyone for their hard work on this. We are humbled by the community response, and we’re excited for future events. This means the world to those kids, and seeing the smiles on their faces makes everything worthwhile. Thank you all for a successful One Day Challenge!” 

 To enter online and for more information visit our lottery website: or call: 587-272-2233.