The AJHL’s Blackfalds Bulldogs (formerly the Calgary Mustangs) are still looking forward to their season in Blackfalds. In October, the team announced their relocation to the Town of Blackfalds. Since then, the team has come up with a new name as they eagerly await the completion of the Blackfalds Multiplex expansion.  

ack to my group and we started talking about it and then that’s where it came out that was the name of the Blackfalds Minor Hockey team,” explained Quinn. 

So far, Quinn says the pandemic hasn’t really impacted the development of the team as it’s still early days. The Blackfalds Bulldogs are set to sit the ice in the 2021 season. 

“We’re still over a year away from playing our first game. Right now, we're spending most of our time just developing our logo for the Bulldogs or getting some colours just trying to get a bit of a business model together and developing some of the infrastructure,” said Quinn. 

However, this upcoming season Quinn is hoping to be able to do some scouting to fill the team. 

The coach says there is some excitement as the Blackfalds Multiplex begins construction on Friday, June 19th. 

"It’s just something that really attracted me to Blackfalds was the excitement within the community. I wasn’t sure if this was something that I wanted to do. When I saw the plans that they were going to do in the rink and the support from the community, then it was like, ‘Okay I want to be apart of this.’ Everything kind of fell into place,” explained Quinn. 

Heading forward, Quinn hopes to expand the branding of the team and work on their social media platform. When things settle down with the pandemic, Quinn hopes the team takes on an active role within the community. 

“We will definitely be doing some events. Right now, we’re starting to build a social media platform and getting a web page designed. Once we really get involved, it’s really going to be a community organization. We’ll definitely be apart the community going forward which has different events and we will be working with kids in school and a lot of the local business people,” said Quinn.