Despite the challenging harvest, the Central Alberta Growing Project in support of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is reporting their 2nd best charity crop ever in terms of dollars raised.

After cancelling their harvest event multiple times, 5 Lacombe area farmers brought their combines on Remembrance Day to take off the 120 acres of canola, just north of the Lacombe County office on Spruceville Road.

Doug Maas with the group says the crop was worth the wait "it was slow going, the crop was a bit tough and it took them 5 hours to do it, but once the results were in they were tremendous.  We had slightly over 8400 bushels of canola and tremendous average of 73 bushels to the acre which is phenomenal".

Maas says the number 1 canola translated into a cheque for just over $93,000 which will be matched 4-1 by the federal government.

Last year the Canadian Foodgrains Bank helped over a million people in 43 different countries, currently they are providing emergency food supplies in south Africa as the country deals with severe drought as well as food aid to Syrian refugee camps.