Sunny 94 has partnered with Central Alberta Rescue Effort Shelter (C.A.R.E.S) to bring you Pet of the Week! Each Wednesday we feature a new, super friendly, totally adoptable dog or cat. We’ll tell you a bit about them in hopes you’ll go to CARES, meet them, fall in love, and take them home with you! 



Hi, I'm Webster! I'm one of the friendliest cats you're ever going to meet - and that's saying a lot! I was brought to CARES by by-law enforcement and was never claimed by my owners. I'm a litle over a year old so I've got lots of energy!

I love to be the centre of attention, I'll come right up to you and rub myself on you until you pet me. It's how I show affection! If you have kids and are skeptical that as a cat I might start to play too rough, I don't think you have to worry about that because scratching just isn't my thing. You can even rub your hand on my belly and I won't freak out - which is rare for cats! If you already have cats in your house it's always a good idea to have them meet me first because as much as I would love them, they have to feel the same about me in return.

As far as health goes, I'm a very healthy boy. Even though I'm not neutered yet, I'm 100% ready to have a new forever family! I love meeting new people, new cats, and I've been around dogs before and they aren't so scary once I get to know them!

Come and meet me at CARES, I bet you and I could become best friends! Click HERE for more information.

Want to know more about CARES? Click the audio boxes below to hear Kyla from CARES explain exactly who they are, what they do, and what's new/exciting at CARES:

 What is CARES?

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