Sunny 94 has partnered with Central Alberta Rescue Effort Shelter (C.A.R.E.S) to bring you Pet of the Week! Each Wednesday we feature a new, super friendly, totally adoptable dog or cat. We’ll tell you a bit about them in hopes you’ll go to CARES, meet them, fall in love, and take them home with you! 

2017 02 01 Casey

Hi, I’m Casey!

My name is Casey and I'm 4 years old! I was rescued from a high-kill impound facility down in the southern United States and I'm so glad that CARES brought me up to Alberta where I have a second chance at life! Before coming here I hadn't seen snow before, but I like it so far! I came to Canada by plane and I didn't mind being a kennel at all so if you ever had to put me in one, I'd be okay!

The ladies at CARES tell me I'm a good boy an awful lot. They say that I am "A front running family pet candidate" which is a good thing! I aim to please and I do very well in a household that already has dogs! If you have a cat I think it would be a good idea to get the 2 of us to meet before you bring me home to make sure we get along - I don't have much experience with cats! Also, I like being around kids as I'm not known to play too aggresively or anything like that. I'm a bundle of energy but don't mind settling down in the evening to chill and relax... maybe get some belly rubs? Mmm... belly rubs...

I've tested negative for heart worms and I'm all caught up on vaccinations such as kennel cough and the 5-way routine vaccination. Plus, I'm neutered and micro chipped! Please bring me home, I think you and I have the potential to become best friends forever! Come to CARES and meet me! Click HERE to get started.

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