The Chinook’s Edge School Board of Trustees reviewed an administrative procedure to guide artificial intelligence (AI) in schools throughout the division during the June 25 board meeting.  

The procedure is designed to guide the ethical, safe, and effective integration of AI technologies in schools, with the goal of enhancing the quality of education, personalizing the learning experience, improving educational outcomes, and preparing students for a future shaped by AI technologies.  

“A key goal is to prepare students for success in their personal and academic endeavors, as well as thrive in a world where AI plays a central role in shaping our society and economy,” the board meeting highlights said.  

During the meeting, the board also reviewed the division's planned approach to implementing the government requirements prohibiting the use of cell phones and social media in classrooms in the upcoming school year.  

Most of the division’s schools are closely aligned with the minimum provincial requirements.   

The policy must be in place by January 2025. The board will develop the policy in consultation with staff, students, and parents.  

Trustees also received an update regarding health and safety in schools throughout the division and will implement a school emergency response system, Hour Zero, for the 2024-25 school year.  

The program provides training and support for staff and aligns language and processes in emergency situations used by emergency responders.  



**With information provided by Chinook’s Edge School Division.