The City of Red Deer is advising residents to be aware of a circulating parking ticket scam.  

“We became aware of text messages people were receiving where it asked them to pay for their parking infraction, and it was giving the impression that it was from the city,” said Stephanie Gramlich, City of Red Deer Parking Coordinator.  

Gramlich urges residents who receive the text to confirm with city parking if they have any outstanding parking infractions by calling 403-342-8185, or checking online.  

“If they are concerned, we are more than willing to confirm,” Gramlich said. “We don't want people to fall victim to this scam, and we are here to help everybody.”  

She added that the City of Red Deer won’t send a text message for any kind of billing purpose.  

Although it can be difficult to pinpoint where the scam originated, the city is working to ensure residents are aware.  

“Once people become more aware of it, then it settles down a bit,” Gramlich said. “Just be aware of it, and we can do what we can.”