The Do More Agriculture Foundation launched its new initiative "Walk With Me" as part of World Mental Health Day on Tuesday.

"Walk With Me" is a global campaign created by U.K. farmer Chris Manley when he was struggling with depression.

Manley found that walking and journaling helped to improve his mental health, and wrote a poem called Walk with Me that outlined the feelings that people can have while feeling low.

Issues around mental health and agriculture have been getting more attention in the last few years.

Do More Ag's Executive Director Megz Reynolds says the "Walk with Me" campaign is focused on elevating mental health awareness and fostering a supportive environment within the agriculture community.  

Issues around mental health and agriculture have been getting more attention in the last few years.

Reynolds says in 2016-2017 Canada started focusing on mental health and agriculture.

What they found was that 35 per cent of farmers made the classification for depression,  50 per cent met the classification for anxiety,  45 per cent were reporting high stress, 68 per cent were more susceptible to chronic stress than the general population, and 20 to 30 per cent higher rates of suicide than any other occupation in Canada.

She says so often we're living in that burn-out phase, but we don't know that we're there and its important to recognize the stress that your under, find ways to reach out to others, and find healthy ways to deal with it.

"It's really important to be able to recognize that. So try to to recognize what your limits are. Set breaks, be able to disengage, get adequate rest, good food, and exercise. So get out, go for a walk, and have a conversation. It's really important to be reducing barriers to reaching out. So again, staying connected, not withdrawing yourself."

The "Walk with Me" campaign started October 10th on World Mental Health Day and runs until Oct. 20.

As part of the campaign BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions is partnering with the Do More Agriculture Foundation and will match any donations up to $10,000 to the Walk with Me campaign.

BASF is also part of AgTalk powered by Togetherall - a peer support platform that provides a safe and anonymous space where anyone 16 and up can connect, share and receive support from a community off peers who can relate to their situation.

As part of the AgTalk launch BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions Vice PresidentJonathan Sweat said supporting farmers extends beyond the field.

"It’s important to BASF that we’re supporting farmers – and those who work in the agricultural industry – in meaningful ways, including through resources that facilitate connection, dialogue and support in areas that matter like this.”

More information on the "Walk with Me" campaign and how to donate is available through the Do More Agriculture.