Because of dry conditions in many parts of the Province, Alberta Environment and Parks has issued 30 advisories for water shortages.

Although it is common for less flow during the month of August, this year has been particularly bad in some areas.

For Central Alberta there are currently four water shortage advisories for the Red Deer River basin.

  • Little Red Deer River
  • Medicine-Blindman Rivers
  • Middle Red Deer River-Matzhiwin Creek
  • Threehills-Kneehills Creeks-Rosebud River

There are currently five advisories for The Battle River Basin

  • Iron Creek
  • Lower Battle River
  • Middle Battle River
  • Ribstone Creek
  • Upper Battle River-Pigeon Lake

Unfortunately, there is not any significant precipitation forecast for the next few days in Central Alberta.

map of affected areaMap from Alberta Rivers website