The Central Alberta earthquake has been making a grand appearance on social media for the last few days.

Canada Natural Resources confirmed that a magnitude 4.6 earthquake occurred at 5:56 am approximately 4km south, south-west of Red Deer Monday morning.

Although there were no known reported injuries or damages caused from this event so far, it is still possible that it could happen again and what might shock some is that it is not under regular home insurance packages.

“It’s a separate endorsement to the policy that they would need to buy,” says Darren Kings with Sims & Associates Insurance Services, “the homeowner would be responsible for the repairs themselves.”

But he believes there would have to be some help from the government in a case where an earthquake provided significant damage but says that would completely depend on the situation.

Kings explains that having the extra coverage could be costly but of course, would be worth it in the event of a disaster.

“It doesn’t happen often, and if it were to occur it would wipe out a lot of houses so companies will put a higher deductible on it.”

If possible earthquakes are something that keeps you up at night, adding the insurance for it might be worth looking into.


Original story here: 4.6 magnitude earthquake confirmed in central Alberta Monday morning