Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation's latest crop report shows harvest is most advanced in the southern half of the province where 71 per cent of the crop is combined.

The Central Region now has 29 per cent of major crops combined, 24 per cent is done in the Peace Region, while cool, wet weather in the North West and North East is delaying harvest activities.

According to the report combining of the provincial winter wheat, fall rye, dry peas, and lentil crops is now over 85 per cent complete. While there's still about 50 per cent of the spring wheat, barley, oats and canola crop left to come in.

Quality estimates show 61 per cent of the hard red spring wheat is rating 1 CW as is 52 per cent of the durum. However, only 23 per cent of barley is rated as malt quality,  41 per cent of the oats is rating 1 CW, 73 per cent of the canola is 1 CAN, and 21 per cent of dry peas are rated 1 CAN.

Yield reports are estimated to be 12 per cent below the 5-year average with the best yields (up 12 per cent over the 5-year average)  in the North West. The South and Central Region yields are reportedly 32 per cent and 21 per cent below the 5-year average.

Generally yield reports are within 10 per cent of their 5-year averages, except for spring wheat which is estimated to be 16 per cent below and canola which is estimated to be 11 per cent below the 5-year average yield.

You'll find the latest crop report here.