A true story of complete transformation is currently underway in Red Deer.

If you live in, or frequently visit the city of Red Deer, chances are you know about the former hotspot, Lotus Nightclub.

Located in the core of the downtown area off Gaetz Avenue, many central Albertans can share all kinds of stories of the nightclub.

Earlier this year, news got around that the business had shut its doors for good, no longer to be a place of drinking, partying, loud music, and wild nights.

A group of Christian businessmen then decided to look at this ending as a new beginning, by purchasing the building with plans to give a new purpose to the former nightclub.

Co-owner and Commercial real estate agent, Wes Giesbrecht took the time to better explain what plans are in store for the rebirth of Lotus.

A Church is not the direction that the building is going in... Our plans have to do more with a recovery center of some sort… the vision and the message are there, but the method and strategy are unclear.”

The plan now is to offer support and help to those in the city, with no intention of monetary profit from the process.

Giesbrecht is very familiar with the area, as he attended the nightclub in his younger years and understands very well what used to happen there.

On social media when the crossroads church announced the new ownership, people were curious as to why this location was thought to be the best.

If you look at the life of Jesus and where he hung out…it wasn’t in the churches, it was in the bars, it was in the down-and-out areas, it was with the last, the lost, and the least, and I don’t think there could be a better location for our mission.”

Though there is currently no planned budget or timeframe for things to be seriously underway, there is an event scheduled for July 6th at the building, inviting the public to come for different types of help, support, and guidance.