It’s been a rough start for 18-year-old Noah Orchard.

Not only is he battling Cystic Fibrosis he also has Type 1 Diabetes and after a recent complication he was sent to the ICU. That’s when his family received the information that he would need a liver transplant in order to survive any future attacks.

His grandmother Joan Losinski has been there for his family and says it definitely hasn’t been easy for Noah.

“His main issue right now is that he has cirrhosis of the liver that’s caused by Cystic Fibrosis, he had an episode last week with low sugar and he didn’t come out of that as well as they expected, we found out his liver wasn’t working up to par.”

His family has turned to the public for help, posting on social media and sharing as much information as they can. Joan says they need someone with ‘type O’ blood that is similar size to her grandson and has no chronic illnesses.

“They would sooner use family and friends so as not to put anyone in a situation they don’t want, but we’ve had so many people step up to the plate it’s incredible.”

They have yet to find the right match but she says they are hopeful to find one soon, many people have been getting their blood tested to find out if they match. Joan explained that during the process they will take up to 70% of the donor’s liver, but what many people don’t realize is that it is the only organ that will grow back.

As for Noah during all of this, she says he just wants to have his normal life back.

“He wants to live so bad, he had a real scare this week, he spent the entire week in ICU, and he really thought he was dying.”

Living Donor Services is where to contact if you think you could become a match. His grandmother explains that it is more than just a good deed, but it does take time to have the surgery and heal. However the average person would spend 8-10 days in hospital and 8-12 weeks away from work to heal.

“We sure don’t want to compromise anybody’s lifestyle by doing this.”