The Alberta SPCA is offering tips for how Central Albertans can keep their pets comfortable during the summer’s extreme heat.  

Typical activities such as taking a pet for a walk or playing in the yard, on a hot day can become risky.   

The Alberta SPCA encourages taking your pet on a morning or evening walk and avoiding hot pavement or concrete. If your pet wants to play in the yard, ensure they have a shaded spot and plenty of water.  

“Many dogs enjoy having a kiddie pool or other water sources to help stay cool,” the Alberta SPCA website said. “Be sure to reduce the amount of time your pet is outside, both for walks, and when playing, and to keep an eye on them while outside to ensure they’re not overheating.”  

Throughout the hot summer days, ensure your pets have access to cold water. Frozen treats can also be used to keep your pet cool and entertained.   

“If your home does not have air conditioning, keep a fan going,” the website said. “It’s also recommended to give your pet access to the coolest parts of your home, such as your basement, and close the blinds or curtains to limit direct sunlight.”  



**With information from the Alberta SPCA.