We are officially caught back up on Classroom of the Month. Today, we celebrated Mrs. Boyd’s Kindegarten class at St. Greggory the Great School in Blackfalds as our December winner. 

This time around we are excited to announced the Blackfalds Bulldogs have come on as new sponsors for Classroom of the Month. Not only did Mrs. Boyd’s class get tickets to their game this weekend, but they tagged along with us and even brought along their mascot, Barkley! 

It turns out that several students in Mrs. Boyd’s class play hockey with the Blackfalds Bulldogs too! So it seems the AJHL’s Bulldogs have a couple spares to add to their team before playoffs. The class was quite a chatty crew and they are huge hockey fans. They LOVED their pizza and prizes from our sponsors. 

Eileen Bourne nominated the class and says they’ve been extremely brave this year. They also love to learn!

With every class our Ride Home Show Host, Adam Hamilton has a drawing competition with Sunny but this time Barkley was able to take part. For the first time ever, Sunny did not win! Barkley was the chosen victor of this competition leaving Adam in the dust. 

However, that’s okay. Sunny loved all the hugs from Mrs. Bourne’s class and they even gave him a few hip-hip-hooray’s before we left. 

We have one more day before we know who will be our January Classroom of the Month! It could even be YOUR class! You can enter here!