With much of the prairies especially (Saskatchewan and southern Alberta) experiencing drought conditions wildfire risk is a key concern this fall.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) and the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) urging hunters to take extra precautions in high-risk areas as the hunting seasons get underway, especially where ATV and other vehicles may be involved.

Wildfire risk is expected to remain above average across Saskatchewan this fall - especially in the Southwest and West Central areas.

Chad MacPherson, General Manager of the SSGA says with the heightened fire risk this hunting season, we urge all hunters to exercise added vigilance. 

Darrell Crabbe, SWF’s Executive Director says while the majority of hunters are conscientious about minimizing their impact the potential for wildfires is a concern.

Crabbe urges hunters to remain vigilant as even small oversights could lead to disastrous outcomes.

Hunters are reminded to secure landowner consent before going out, have a fire extinguisher accessible, minimize undue vehicle idling, and make sure to stay on established trails and roads.