Lacombe City Council approved the Heritage Survey & Inventory Reports during their council meeting on Monday, May 23. The reports were undertaken during 2022–2023 and council also approved of some new recommendations. 

Council endorsed recommendations to:

  • Amend the City’s Land Use Bylaw to streamline and enhance the heritage portions of the Land Use Bylaw,
  • Enhance public education and community outreach programs by the Heritage Resource Committee,
  • Review incentives for heritage designation and preservation.

“The preservation of our shared history remains a key priority for Council,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “The Heritage Survey and Inventory Reports’ findings will ensure City staff, Council and the Heritage Resources Committee have all the tools necessary to properly identify, classify, preserve and celebrate Lacombe’s past.”

Future amendments to the Land Use Bylaw will clarify and streamline requirements within the heritage sections of the Bylaw, which focus on removing a blanket approach to all buildings aged 50 years plus. The Bylaw would instead focus on the buildings listed as having possible historical significance or “Places of Interest” only.

Administration will bring recommended changes to the Land Use Bylaw later this year. The Heritage Resources Committee will review the report’s recommendations to develop enhanced heritage education and awareness approaches and materials. The review will also look to advance strategies for incentivizing heritage designation and historic building preservation. 

A summary of the findings in the reports can be found in Council’s Regular Meeting Agenda for May 23, 2023, on