Lacombe County Council approved the QEII West Area Structure Plan (ASP) that will guide future commercial and business industrial development. 

The plan focuses on areas west of the QEII Highway, west of Lacombe and Blackfalds.  

The plan was developed in consultation with the community and provides a framework for future industrial development while protecting agricultural lands from loss and fragmentation in the county.  

"The QEII West Area Structure Plan covers the most attractive area for future business development in Lacombe County," said Reeve Barb Shepherd. "This Plan will guide future development in a way that balances development with agricultural land protection by providing opportunities for commercial and business industrial development at strategic nodes while protecting all other lands in the County for agricultural purposes, ensuring that success grows here for all our community."  

The plan will identify where future commercial or business industrial development can occur, by outlining suitable areas for development.  

QEII  West Area Structure Plan map.QEII West Area Structure Plan map.
​​​Photo provided by Lacombe County.

The plan outlines development standards for future development and highlights the county’s expectations, including requirements for water and wastewater servicing, stormwater management, fire protection, and aesthetics.  

Through the plan, developers are required to integrate and preserve large areas of trees, riverbanks, and the natural landscape character into their developments to protect the environment and preserve features.   

Developers must create site guidelines for their developments outlining the standards for landscaping, building design, signage, and screening.  

Agricultural uses can continue on any parcel for as long as the landowner desires, allowing existing agricultural businesses, rural residences, and farming operations to continue to expand.  

“The Plan will be a living document, subject to review and updates as needed to address new development pressures, policy updates, and the community's desires,” said Tim Timmons, County Manager.  

Council is confident that the plan will set the stage for responsible and sustainable development. Through the plan, council is aiming to attract investment that supports the community while also protecting the agricultural community.   

“The QEII West Area Structure Plan is an excellent example of how land use planning can be used to leverage economic development, leading to high-quality investment in our community,” said Dale Freitag, Director of Planning Services. “North and South Aspelund Industrial Parks and Wild Rose Commercial Park are well-known for their design quality and ability to integrate ecosystem services into the business park setting. This has been Lacombe County’s approach for decades, and it has proved successful in attracting development at strategic nodes while conserving large tracts of agricultural lands for the benefit of future generations.” 



**With information provided by Lacombe County.