Lacombe County is booming with development, with construction values increasing by 264% in 2021 over pre-pandemic levels. The trend highlights the opportunities for businesses to grow and succeed in the County, thanks to important steps Council has taken to create a business-friendly climate.

“Success grows here,” says County Reeve Barb Shepherd. “We pride ourselves in creating a proactive and competitive business climate by ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place, taxes are competitive, services meet our needs, and approval processes are business friendly.”

Building on success, the County recently hired Monica Bartman as Economic Development Officer to proactively support positive economic growth and opportunities in the region. Ms. Bartman draws on years of experience working with the business community as Executive Director of the Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce. One of her first orders of business is to build an economic development strategy that focuses her efforts on the priorities of local residents and businesses.

“We want to hear from residents and business leaders about emerging opportunities and key challenges so that we can work together to build a bright future here in Lacombe County,'' says Bartman. The economic development strategy kicks off with a pair of surveys to gather input from the community. The first is a resident survey that runs until June 10 and will help shape the long-term future of the County and establish high-level goals for economic development. All residents are encouraged to complete the short survey to make their voice heard about the future of the local economy. The second is a business survey in June-July that will focus on challenges and opportunities facing local businesses and guide the development of programs and services to support business growth.

“We place a high value on being a cooperative supporter of local business,” said County Manager Tim Timmons. “The County’s clear direction through its Municipal Development Plan and Strategic Plan – and now through our Economic Development Strategy – will encourage prospective businesses to set up shop here in the region,” he concluded.