Lacombe City Council is encouraging residents and businesses to avoid using more water than they typically do.  

"Council encourages residents to be mindful in their water use habits, particularly over the summer months," Mayor Grant Creasey said. "Our resident's ongoing dedication to water conservation is admirable, and I'm sure that will continue going forward as Albertans face uncertain drought conditions across the province."  

The current outlook for the Red Deer River Basin 2024 is considered average, and the North Red Deer River Water Services Commission (NRDRWSC) doesn’t recommend implementing water restrictions. 

Lacombe’s drinking water comes from the Red Deer River, and is processed at the City of Red Deer Water Treatment Plant, and transported to the city by the NRDRWSC. 

The Government of Alberta is currently facilitating water-sharing workshops, where license holders will work together to share the impacts of a water shortage by deciding how to share the available water supply.   

With the concern of drought, the city is now developing a water conservation guideline.   

If approved, the guideline is expected to include four stages with increasing levels of restriction.   

Stage 1 will involve voluntary actions focusing on advisories, education, and information sharing.  

Going forward, city staff will continue to monitor the drought situation and collaborate with the provincial government, surrounding municipalities, and key stakeholders. 

Residents who wish to do more can limit sprinkler usage, hand water gardens, use a rain barrel to water lawns, and repair leaky faucets.