Update: The Silent Disco has been cancelled. 

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When you think of dancing you might think of weddings or the latest trend on Tik Tok but the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre (LPAC) is bringing dance back to the community.  

On August 26, everyone will have the opportunity to wrap-up the summer with LPAC’s Silent Disco.  

“It's basically a dance the only difference is everybody is wearing headphones. There's three different stations to choose from. We're hoping that there's music for everyone to enjoy and then they can get their own volume and their own music that they want to listen to. It's just a different take on kind of a community dance,” said Executive Director for the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre, Rosanna Kerekes.  

LPAC held a Family dance earlier this year to kick-off the summer. Kerekes says the dance was pretty popular.  

“I think all the families had a great time just connecting with each other and connecting with other your families. It went really well,” said Kerekes.  

After a pandemic spent apart, Kerekes is finding that dances are a fun and cost-effective way of bringing the community together again. 

“It's been so long since they've been having dances available to the community. One thing that we've talked about kind of a lot this year actually is bringing back those opportunities just to get the community out there and in an affordable manner just to connect with everybody again,” said Kerekes.  

If you’re not the ‘silent disco’ type, an old-fashioned barn dance might be the way to go.  

“We're doing a barn dance at the AG Pavilion for Culture and Harvest Fest in September. We're looking forward to bringing him Dean Ray Band for that and having kind of an old-fashioned barn dance with line dancing and all that as well,” said Kerekes.  

Music in the Park is another event in Lacombe that residents are known to bust a move but unfortunately this year’s earlier rainy months put a damper on attendance.  

“June was not a great month for weather which really impacted our attendance numbers. Fortunately, this July and then to August the numbers have been back up and they've been reaching our average of about three or four hundred people. It's been really wonderful to have the weather turn around for us because that was really impacting the numbers and just the overall festival feeling,” said Kerekes.  

There are still a couple opportunities to catch Music in the Park before it wraps up for the year. Ther event takes place at the Lacombe Memorial Centre on Wednesdays form 4:00PM to 8:00PM.  

Here’s a look at the remaining performances: 

  • August 17- Squidjigger 
  • August 24 - Flashback Freddie 
  • August 31- Tap9 

As the summer wraps up, the LPAC is gearing up to host a variety of classes and workshops as well as hosting music back at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre. For more information or for tickets to the Silent Disco, you can visit their website here.