The following decisions were made at Tuesday's regular City Council meeting.  

Date set for 2024 Multi-Year Budget Review (approved): 

  • Originally scheduled for November 20-23, 20230, the 2024 budget review will take place January 23-26, 2024, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Greater Downtown and Railyard Neighbourhood Development Strategy (approved): 

  • Council directed Administration to develop a formal neighbourhood development strategy for the greater downtown and Railyards neighbourhoods, and to make recommendations for Council’s consideration as part of the 2024 and 2025 budgeting process. Read more.

Electric Utility Council Governance Process Policy Report (approved):

  • City Council considered resolutions regarding an updated Utility Governance Policy. These resolutions are an early step in an ongoing project to evaluate The City’s approach to Utility Governance and have not been reviewed in depth in more than 20 years. The following resolutions were passed: 
  • GP-F-2.8 Electric Utility – a new policy document focused solely on the Electric Utility was approved. 
  • GP-F-2.7 Utilities – format changes to reflect the removal of the Electric Utility and the change from a Policy Purpose Statement to a Governance Process Policy was approved. 
  • PS-A-2.7 Utility – the existing Utility policy was repealed. 
  • 4101-C Downtown Electrical Underground Grid Charges was repealed as this is reflected in the new GP-F-2.8 Electric Utility. 
  • 4102-C Advising Public of Overhead Electrical Line Rebuilds was repealed as this is addressed by other best practices and policies. 
  • 4103-C City of Red Deer Interventions into Rate Applications Before the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board was repealed as this is obsolete and now addressed in existing industry legislation.