The Central Alberta Heritage Fair is looking for over 60 local volunteers. They will be hosting approximately 300 hundred students from the central Alberta area for a Regional Heritage Fair held in Lacombe.  The students will be competing for a chance to move onto a National Heritage Fair opportunity.  

“It's very similar to a science fair setup, except taking science out and putting heritage or history and culture in its place instead,” said Melissa Blunden, Executive Director of the Lacombe and District Historical Society. 

The event is being run by the History Wrangler, Rob Lennard in partnership with the Lacombe and District Historical Society. They are still looking for volunteers to help ensure the event runs smoothly.  

“We've been working with them since December to try to find that many people that are able to come for I believe it's a three-hour commitment on May 11th,” said Blunden. 

Heritage Fair participants, volunteers and community members will be among the first people to see what was in the Nelson School Time Capsule that was recovered in the demolition of the old Father Lacombe Catholic School. The time capsule is from 1957. 

In addition to the time capsule, guests can look forward to meeting some local heritage experts including the Lacombe and District Historical Society, and the Heritage Resource Committee.  

“There's going to be some special guests, including the one and only History Wrangler who is a lot of fun to be around. He's very entertaining, engaging, and very, very passionate about what he does and what the heritage program is about. It's a Canadian with a nationwide program that has over 60,000 students get to participate in it each year,” explained Blunden. 

The Central Alberta Heritage Fair will be happening on May 11 at the Lacombe Memorial Centre from 8:45AM to 11:45AM. People who are interested in volunteering are encouraged to email Rob Lennard at