If you’ve been out on the highway recently, you may have noticed some new signs set up reminding drivers that if they’re not passing a vehicle, they should be in the right lane.

Alberta Transportation says they decided to install the “Keep Right Let Others Pass” signs, after getting several calls from Albertans complaining about the Left Lane Campers.

The government has recently started a pilot project installing new “keep right, let others pass” signs along parts of Highway 2, and as Jaimie Friesen with Alberta Transportation explains, they hope to send a message to drivers that camping out in the fast lane is dangerous.

“The idea is to create safe behaviour so that everyone gets home and safe at the end of the day. Now in 2014 there were 369 deaths on Alberta highways and 18,745 injuries which is quite staggering. So if we can educate people we can reduce driver frustration, which hopefully will reduce collisions on our highways.”

Friesen says while people impeding traffic by driving slower in the fast lane didn’t cause all of those injuries or deaths, it accounted for some.

“They back up traffic and effect traffic flow, so that can be a serious issue. Really the safest and correct lane you should be in is the right hand lane, and you should only be in moving in the left hand lane if it’s to pass. With that being said, just because you’re passing someone doesn’t give you the right to exceed the speed limit.”

Friesen says he’s not sure why so many drivers in our province hangout in the fast lane, but hopes these signs will remind them to stop.

That or a $172 ticket from Mounties patrolling the QE2.