There are only a few more days for local farmers and producers to sign up for Alberta’s Open Farm Days. The event gives them the opportunity to show off their products as well as the work that goes into a plate of food. The event has been happening in Alberta for the last 10 years.  

CEO for the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies and Alberta's Open Farm Days, Tim Carson says many farms and projects in the area could be eligible including craft distilleries, hydroponics, and vertical growing.  

“If you are connected to the agriculture value chain and you have a story to tell, you are eligible to be part of the program,” said Carson.  

One of the stipulations of taking part in Alberta Open Farm Fays is that there must be a part of your farm tour that is free to the public so that every family can take part.  

“This is a tremendous retail opportunity. If you already have retail store of some sort, or you're looking at the possibility of creating something along those lines, or the diversification of your farm income through agritourism, which is a big focus of this program, this is a great way to get started,” he explained.  

Carson says there is tons of support for farmers register in organizing their tours. The tours themselves do not need to be very complicated.  

“I think it's really important to recognize that some of the things that our producers do on a day-in and day-out basis that seem somewhat mundane and boring to them, is really exciting to those people who have never seen it before,” he added.  

They are on track for over 150 farms across the province to take part in this year’s Alberta Open Farm Days but welcomes more to register. Registration wraps up on April 30th. We can look forward to Alberta Open Farm Days on August 19th and 20th. For more information, click here.