Council granted approval to Protective Services Manager, Sean Pendergast to purchase the remaining Alberta First Responder Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) radios to ensure tools which provide most current means of communication for Protective Services and Public Works are available. This communication system allows full access for mutual aid agreements and interagency collaborations. Estimated cost for the complete outfitting of the department is $150,000.

Council also approved the purchase of Pneumatic Lifting Bags which assist firefighters in lifting heavy vehicles off trapped victims and to brace unstable loads. This piece of equipment will allow firefighters to better assist with motor vehicle incidents. Estimated cost for the lifting bags is $10,000.

Mr. Pendergast identified that these items will enhance the department to better protect citizens and serve our surrounding area with greater efficiency. As well, will compliment the rescue services provided to citizens and tourists travelling on highways and roads in and around the Town of Penhold.