The Town of Penhold is holding a public hearing today (July 8) about the construction of a new public services building.  

Penhold council will host the public hearing before considering second reading of a debenture bylaw to borrow $5,500,000 towards the $9,500,000 project cost.  

The project will be funded by capital reserves and a debenture or bank loan. The town will continue to search for grants and other funding sources for the project.  

The town says now is the time to build a new public services building because both the fire department and the operations department have outgrown their current environments and lack the space and facilities to operate safely.  

Adding, both departments are hindered by their current facilities to service the town effectively.  

“A new building brings together a concept of sharing spaces to lessen the footprint and operational expenses of both departments,” the Town of Penhold’s website said.  

The public hearing is scheduled for today (July 8) at 6 p.m. in the Club Room at the Penhold Regional Multiplex.  


**With information provided by Town of Penhold website.