Local reports from people across social media Monday morning were all saying similar things: Around 6 am, it felt like a car drove directly into their homes.

Canada Natural Resources confirmed around 7:00 am that a magnitude 4.6 earthquake occurred at 5:56 am approximately 4km south, south-west of Red Deer Monday morning.

4.6 is considered light on the Richters scale.

Social media began to light up shortly before 6:00 am morning from people from Lacombe, Red Deer, and out in Sylvan Lake, where some homes experienced power outages. 

Here’s a statement from Communications and International Relations Advisor for the Alberta Energy Regulator, Natalie Brodych:

“The event was reported by Vesta Energy at 6:20 a.m. Vesta Energy was conducting hydraulic fracturing activities in the area, but has since stopped. We are currently reviewing the events to determine if the incident is due to hydraulic fracturing activities or natural causes. At this time, there have been no reported impacts to public safety, infrastructure, or the environment.”

MP for Red Deer-Lacombe Blaine Calkins says he was up early reading in bed when he felt his house start to shake.

"5:56 am it felt like my two sons were roughhousing in the room next to me, but I know that's not true because they would never be awake at 5:56 am. And I felt the whole house shake, the bed shake and wondered what it was, and I thought, what could it possibly be beside an earthquake or some other seismic event."

He says this is the first time he has experienced something like this in central Alberta. 

"I think I've felt them in other places when I've been travelling a few times... I grew up here and I've been here most of my life and I don't remember feeling anything here before, so it was a first for me." 

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This is the latest report from Canada Natural Resources Earthquake Canada:

Update, 7:20am:. 2019 Mar 04, 05:55 am: M4.6 earthquake occurred near Red Deer, AB. 

(Photo courtesy of Natural Resources Canada)