Manitoba's latest cattle marketing report shows 15,964 cattle moved through the auction ring last week.

Manitoba Agriculture reported that feeder steer prices dropped off with the biggest average drop being $13.07 per cwt for the 401 to 500 pound category, which puts the average weekly price for last week at  $$424.79 per cwt .  The only gain was in the 801 - 900 pound category which showed an increase of $4.73  per cwt for an average weekly price of $305.40 per cwt .

Feeder heifers in the 401-500 pound weight category saw a drop of $4.96 per cwt for an average price of $353.46 per cwt . The largest price increase for the heifers was in the 901 + category with prices up $5.75 per cwt for an average weekly price of $249.25 per cwt .  

Slaughter cow prices were down with D1-D2 cows selling for an average price of 130.93 per cwt, while D3's were at $116.75  per cwt.

In Saskatchewan, Canfax reported 44,501 head of cattle sold last week, which is down from the 48,657 head sold the previous week. Year-to-date, Saskatchewan feeder cattle marketing’s are five per cent above 2022, at 490,438 head.

Saskatchewan steer prices were steady-to-stronger last week compared to the week of October 27.

Feeder steer prices ranged from $494.20 per cwt for the 300-400 pound weight category down to $296.67 per cwt for the 900 plus weights. The 500-600lb steers were up on average $2.54 per cwt, while prices declined $1.66 per cwt for the 700-800lb steer category.

Feeder heifer prices ranged from $379.40 per cwt for the 300-400 pound weights to $284.13 per cwt for the 800 plus category.  The 700-800lb heifer category increased $5.79 per cwt. over the prior week. 

Alberta's report shows the volume of fed steers was too light last week to determine a new price... the previous weekly averaged fed steer price was $232.83 

Meantime, the slaughter cow price was up in Alberta with D2 cows averaging $138.07 per cwt, while D3's came in at $123.63 per cwt.

The rail price for non-fed cattle in Alberta ranged between $262.00-272.00 per cwt, unchanged from the previous week.

Detailed information is available through the provincial organizations.