Red Deer City Council will be giving first reading of the Land Use Bylaw Amendment during their regular council meeting on Monday, November 6th.  

If approved, Safe Harbour Society will continue operating the shelter at its current location at Cannery Row until February 1, 2024. If approved, the Land Use Bylaw Amendment would allow shelter use within the Direct Control 28 District as a discretionary use.   

The application will go through the standard rezoning process, which includes first reading during the regular Council meeting on October 30, followed by a Public Hearing and second and third reading. Specific dates will be advertised once determined. 

This extension was approved by Council in January 2022 through the following items:     

  • Land Use Bylaw extension with an amendment   

  • Development Permit   

  • Business License conditions   

As part of the Public Hearing, property owners in Direct Control (DC) 28, and adjacent landowners, will be contacted by letter to give them an opportunity to provide feedback for Council’s consideration. Members of the public will also be invited to provide feedback. 

The Public Hearing will take place on December 4 starting at 5 p.m. Information about participating in the Public Hearing will be posted to and in the coming days. All feedback received prior to the deadline will be included in Council’s report for consideration. 

This will not be the first public hearing related to the site but the City asks that Red Deer residents submit their feedback whether it has been submitted in the past or not.  
“There are many moving parts when it comes to housing and shelter in our community,” said General Manager of Community Services, Sarah Tittemore. “While we continue to work with the Province of Alberta to site and develop a future permanent shelter, the temporary shelter plays an important role in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in our community.”   
The City of Red Deer is currently working with the Province of Alberta, and a private landowner to explore the viability of a potential future permanent shelter site; however, it is still early in this process, and at this time, The City is not prepared to disclose the location to protect the land negotiation process, any rezoning processes that might arise, and associated confidentiality per its agreement with a private landowner.     
The Red Deer Community Housing and Homelessness Integrated 5 Year Plan identifies an ongoing need for emergency housing in our community.