A statement from Communications and International Relations Advisor for the Alberta Energy Regulator, Natalie Brodych confirmed that Monday's earthquake may have been linked to fracking activities.

“The event was reported by Vesta Energy at 6:20 a.m. Vesta Energy was conducting hydraulic fracturing activities in the area but has since stopped. We are currently reviewing the events to determine if the incident is due to hydraulic fracturing activities or natural causes. At this time, there have been no reported impacts on public safety, infrastructure, or the environment.”

The regulator ordered Vesta Energy to suspend fracking operations at the well site in order to protect the public and the environment. It says the Calgary-based company must submit a report of all seismic activity in the area since April and specific fracturing data for the well site.

The regulator has also ordered Vesta to file a plan to eliminate or reduce future seismic activity from fracturing. 


Original story here: 4.6 magnitude earthquake confirmed in central Alberta Monday morning

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