A recent Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School graduate is preparing to hit the stage after earning a spot in the National Theatre School of Canada.  

Alexis Moreside has been accepted into the Montreal school’s acting program and will spend the next three years perfecting her voice and movement skills in a class of 11 students.  

“I auditioned in February and then went for callbacks in May where we did two days of workshops. I found out that I was accepted when we were on our school’s New York trip in May,” Moreside said. “It was so exciting.”  

Moreside was interested in attending the school because of the small class sizes, and specific training students receive.  

“I am really excited for a conservatory-style school that is acting heavy,” she said.  

Through the program, Moreside is hopeful to gain further experience and make her way into the world of acting.  

“I’ve done film and theatre acting in the past and I love both. In whatever form, I just want to act,” she said. “I am excited to learn different perspectives and be in such a small group so that I can learn from everyone else.”  

Moreside started singing in musical theatre when she was eight years old and has continued with community theatre. She credits the theatre program and Lindsay Thurber for getting her to where she is today.  

“I have learned so much over the last four years. I have gotten to try technical theatre and directing, and you get to see so many aspects of that world and find what you really love,” she said. “There are also so many cool opportunities to grow and it has shaped me as a person and a performer.”  

Red Deer student, Alexis Moreside, singing in a theatre show.Alexis Moreside was accepted into the National Theatre School of Canada, and will spend the next three years perfecting her voice and movement skills.
Photo provided by Red Deer Public Schools.

Tara Koett, a teacher at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, said she is proud of Moreside and is excited to see where the future takes her.  

“It’s really exciting, and it’s a huge accomplishment,” Koett said. “It’s a very competitive school, but for someone who has worked with her, it’s not surprising that Lexi was accepted.”  

Koett added that she enjoyed having Moreside as a student over the last four years.   

“Lexi has been a great leader in our program. The great thing about Lexi is she is very humble, she is very hardworking, and is very generous with her time and her gifts,” she said. “Lexi is willing to take risks and that is so beautiful to watch, and it will serve her well in the future. She has had a huge impact on our entire program. We are so proud of her and can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.” 


**With information provided by Red Deer Public Schools.