Rocky Ag Society is looking for letters of support for their plans to develop an agricultural recreation center.
They've completed a feasibility study and needs assessment, and are now working on budgets and obtaining financial support.
In terms of what would be housed in the facility, Society Past President Ellen Bonde explains their first priority.

“Build it as we have the money for it, in stages, and the first would be a covered riding place because a lot of our events are dependent on the weather and it would be nice to have a place that we can consistently rely on to go and practice. The idea would be to not build a small arena that is in competition with various ones that are also in the area, but to build a large one that would be able to hose large scale shows”.
Bonde says in the past they tried moving dirt into the arena in Rocky Mountain House for summer riding, but it wasn't the best option.
The group is working alongside Clearwater County and they recently delivered their presentation to Rocky Mountain House Town Council and they will continue to approach other stakeholders for support.
Rocky is home to a number of 4H clubs, equine groups and breed associations that currently use a variety of public and private spaces for their programs and events and this would be an opportunity to see a centre providing a home for all of them.
The Ag Society is hosting an open house on May 24th from 7:30-9:30 at the Christenson Sports and Wellness Centre where you can learn more about the plans for the ag/rec centre.