The Rotary Club of Lacombe will be holding a special event coming up on Friday, October 27th. It is called "A Taste of Lacombe".

Alvin Peck from The Rotary Club explains what will be happening that night. "It's been an annual event for quite a few years. Last year we moved it on to a Halloween costume theme. So costumes are encouraged but not necessary. We've got 22 beverage vendors so far and nine food vendors to serve everyone with food and drinks."

As always, The Rotary Club of Lacombe are raising money for local projects, Peck explains what the money from this event will go towards. "We've got a major project coming up. We're going to build a shelter up on Cranna Lake where they do the outdoor pond skating in the Winter. Also we're expanding into summer activities there as well. So there will be a place on the trails for some washrooms for those who are using the trail system and a place to change your skates in the winter and possibly have a BBQ family get together."

A Taste of Lacombe event will happen on the 27th in the Lacombe Memorial Centre. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and a dance to follow at 9:30 pm. 

For more information or to get your tickets click here.