A recent threat against Wetaskiwin City Hall has caused new security measures to be implemented.   

“Our primary responsibility is to ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone, and we do not tolerate bullying or harassing behaviour,” said Sue Howard, Wetaskiwin City Manager in a recent letter.  

The measures were made after a citizen, upset over a council decision, threatened violence against city hall. While RCMP continues to investigate the incident, measures to control traffic flow into the lobby have been implemented, to ensure staff and visitors are treated respectfully.   

“City council and employees have families who care about them, just like everyone else. No city employee or councillor should have to deal with threats or fear for their safety while serving our community,” Howard said.   

The security measures put in place include:  

  • Controlled entrance: The main door of city hall is now locked. Visitors must use a controlled entrance, and buzz to be let inside the building. The number of visitors at one time will be limited.  

  • Security Presence: A security firm will help support employees and enforce expectations for respectful behaviour.   

“We want to be clear that while it is perfectly acceptable to be upset and we are here to help resolve your concerns where possible, it is absolutely unacceptable to be disrespectful,” Howard said.   

The city won’t tolerate disrespectful behaviour including workplace harassment and violence, along with conduct that demeans, intimidates, bullies, slanders, threatens, or negatively impacts an employee’s dignity and well-being.   

“If any of these boundaries are crossed, you will be required to leave the building, and repeated offenses may result in being banned from City facilities,” Howard said. “Serious offenses will be reported to the RCMP.”