It is Sexual and Reproductive Health awareness week and Alberta Health Services is encouraging Albertans to get the facts. Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in Alberta.  

According to the Government of Alberta’s 2021 annual report for sexually transmitted infections and HIV, rates for gonorrhea, HIV and infectious syphilis increased compared to 2020: 

  • Gonorrhea: 5,010 cases, an increase of 2.4 per cent compared to 2020. 

  • HIV: 242 cases, an increase of 25.4 per cent compared to 2020. 

  • Infectious syphilis: 3,209 cases, an increase of 27.6 per cent compared to 2020. 

  • Congenital syphilis (live and stillborn) per 100,000 live births have increased from 13.1 to 144.9 between 2017 and 2021. 

Alberta health services is hoping Albertans take the time to learn about reproductive health to decrease the chance of spreading sexually transmitted infections, improve ideas around consent, increase condom use, reduce sexual and gender-based violence as well as lower the risk of unwanted pregnancy.  

You can learn more about sexual health services by clicking here.