Central Albertans have been able to enjoy pretty remarkable fall temperatures this year, but we all know winter is not too far away. Rob Griffith, Lead Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada says cooler weather is on the way.  

“A pretty big shift in the weather is coming a big cold front will sweep southward through the province on Sunday dropping temperatures quite a bit and those temperatures look to stay low for the next week or so after that. After that, I can’t really tell, but it generally looks to be staying cool now,” said Griffith.  

We may even see some snow into next week.  

“As for snow, there will be some snow coming through the province in the days after that so on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It’s still a bit early to say exactly how much for the central Alberta area. But at this time it sort of looks like a general 5 to 10 centimeters could be expected over that time period,” he added.  

He expects that the majority of the snowfall will hit Northern Alberta. 

Overall, Griffith says central Alberta has seen above average temperatures this fall.  

“We are already at October 19th here and the high in Red Deer today is 20 degrees. That’s a little warmer than normal would be,” he explained.  

Griffith says it’s a little too early to predict what the weather will be like for trick-or-treaters but urged central Albertans to begin preparing for the start of winter.  

“Everyone should be prepared for a sudden change into winter driving conditions and even more than driving conditions, just your wardrobe and stuff. Get prepared!” he added.