Plans are in the works for a brand new music festival in Sylvan Lake.

This week Town Council voted to enter into an agreement with Edmonton based Troubadour Event Management, which includes picking up roughly half the tab for policing and security costs during the festival, in the amount of $7100.

Director of Marketing and Business Development with Troubadour, Keynon Ternovoy explains their working concept for the festival.

“It would be a one day, all ages show that we continue to work on, that would be in the country and classic rock genre”.

Their preferred location is Centennial Park, with a target date of June 30th of this year, however Ternovoy stresses they are still working on the festival and it may need to be pushed back to 2019, although it's an event they would hope to host for years to come.

Sylvan Lake Communications Officer Joanne Gaudet says the Town has been working on a Festival and Events Strategy and an event like this one falls right in line with what the community has been asking for.

“We did seek feedback from our residents to develop a strategy and a music festival was their top choice of visitors, businesses and of residents as well, so something new they would like to see”.

She adds they are well aware of the benefits the tourism industry brings to the local economy and they continue to look for ways to live up to their slogan "Brilliant all Year".

“That’s considered a shoulder season economic impact for us, and we feel it would not only attract a number of visitors to the community and increase tourism spending, it would obviously also benefit our businesses but it would also really benefit the residents in having another opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy their community”.

Ternovoy explains what attracted them to Sylvan Lake for their festival.

“It’s a tremendous town with all kinds of potential and obviously a wonderful setting and backdrop for a music festival with the lake being there and many visitors that already do come to Sylvan Lake and obviously the central location which is basically almost in the middle of Alberta”.

Troubadour Event Management currently hosts the Centerfield Music Festival in St. Paul, it's entering year 3, and Ternovoy says their concept for a festival in Sylvan Lake would be similar.