It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Team Jigger’s Jason Lunn taking on his latest major challenge: walking all 3,004 feet of the Lacombe Regional Airport runway. 

Lunn is the founder of Team Jigger an organization that works to improves accessibility and functionality for everybody regardless of physical ability, age, disorders, or dysfunctions. In 2011, Lunn was involved in a serious motor vehicle collision that left him with the diagnosis of ‘quadriplegic’. However, Lunn has never let his diagnosis get in the way of his goals.  

Last year, Lunn made his first ‘Strides 4 AccessAbility’ which was two lengths of the football field at MEGlobal Athletic Park but this year, he wanted to go even bigger and take on the airport runway. 

Around 100 people cheered on Lunn, on Saturday (September 16, 2023) joining in on his journey on the runway. In under an hour, he was able to walk all 3,004 feet. 

“It feels amazing. I thought for sure it was going to be two hours but with all the motivation of my team, and the fans, and supporters. It was awesome,” said Lunn. 

Lunn had support both on and off the runway. While taking on his challenge, he was Facetiming loved ones including his youngest daughter who is living in Vancouver. 

“The turnout is amazing. I had lots of texts and emails. The farmers couldn’t make it. They are in their fields but they send their support. Cheers to everyone that’s working today and doing their part,” said Lunn. 

Lunn says countless hours went into training for the achievement but he surprised himself with the results. 

“(I’ve been training) probably since last year but really hard with trying to get the footage down over the last two months. (I’ve been) doing rounds in the hospital and on the treadmill and I did about 1,250 (feet) in about an hour and a half but I guess I did it in a hour (today) so we’re good.”

This year’s challenge felt a bit more individualized. Lunn was listening to music and working with his team very closely to make it to the end.

“Last year, was inspirational because I did play football and the high school teams being there for the whole time supporting me along the way—awesome feeling, but two totally different experiences,” he explained. 

As always, Lunn expects the next ‘Strides 4 AccessAbility’ to once again be bigger and better in the future but also a bit different. 

“We’re hoping to make it a team effort and involve everybody. I don’t know we’ll come up with something.” 

Overall, Lunn is thankful for the support and is looking forward to continuing one Team Jigger’s work. 

“A big thank you to everyone out there for their support. We’re going to grow accessibility in central Alberta. To everyone in central Alberta thank you and keep those $10 donations coming in,” he added. 

You can donate or find more information on Team Jigger by clicking here. 



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