Seven new building codes when into effect yesterday (Nov 1st) all to make energy efficiency improvements in new homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings and help the province reduce greenhouse gas emmissions.

The updated codes include energy efficiency requirements for windows, lighting, insulation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

Local Construction Manager with Laebon Homes Troy Walker says the new codes won't be much of an impact to the industry "the majority of builders are already following pretty good practices, pretty good quality material being used out there.  Honestly, it's just building another home just like we have been for the last 40 years, they want more attention to detail on window installs and energy efficiency, but it's just a few minor changes really".

Walker admits there are some increased costs to homeowners, but in many cases there will be long term energy savings, especially with windows, furnaces and hot water tanks.

The National Research Council of Canada estimates that switching to energy efficient windows can save you up to 18 per cent on heating costs.

Walker says the industry adapted before these changes as consumers are more energy conscious and demanding a lot of these features in new homes "people are more aware, there is so much information available, that people are demanding superior products.  People do want those energy efficicencies in there home, it is important to people.  Some of it costs but a lot of it isn't a huge cost and included already in a lot of cases".

The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with Alberta homes and buildings responsible for 19 megatonnes, or about 7% of Alberta's greenhouse gas emissions in 2014.