Following a presentation from Vesta Energy LTD to Lacombe County Council on March 28th, we reached out to Vesta Energy LTD to get an update on the seismic activity reported in the Sylvan Lake area on March 4th, 2019, where their company was performing hydraulic fracturing operations nearby. 

They declined an on-air interview at this time but provided us with a statement.

Statement from Vesta Energy LTD: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019: 

At 5:56 am on Monday March 4, 2019, Vesta Energy Ltd.’s (“Vesta”) monitoring equipment detected a 4.32 magnitude seismic event in the Sylvan Lake area. At the time of the event, Vesta was conducting hydraulic fracturing operations on the 10-32-037-01W5 pad which is located approximately 6 km south of Sylvan Lake.  We immediately suspended operations and reported the event to the Alberta Energy Regulator (“AER”).  On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Vesta received an Order from the AER directing the company to suspend operations at the 10-32-037-01W5 pad and requesting that Vesta provide information to the AER related to Vesta's operations on the pad.  We have provided the information to the AER, and we will continue to work to assess the information and to cooperate with the AER in its review of the event.

Vesta has been working in this area since 2015. Hydraulic fracturing is a required part of our completions program and in the past 4 years, we have successfully completed over 5,000 fracture operations on over 90 wells. We are working with the AER in order to ensure we are able to move forward with continuing operations in the area. Once our Fracturing Operations Plan has been approved, Vesta will continue to provide updates to our neighbours. The safety of employees, contractors and communities near our operations is the top priority for Vesta.  We are proud to contribute to the local economy by providing employment opportunities and support to local businesses. 

The purpose of the meeting with the Lacombe County Council was to provide an update on what happened, speak about how we will continue to engage with the community, and to address any questions that Council members had.  Vesta also had the opportunity to discuss some of our Corporate Stakeholder Engagement objectives.  As a growing member of the community, we have expanded our donation and sponsorship program and have become an active member of the Red Deer/Lacombe Rural Community Crime Watch.

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