Wetaskiwin City Council is addressing concerns caused by aging playgrounds through the playground equipment replacement plan.   

Through inspections, it was determined that all 16 of the city's playgrounds require repairs, refurbishment, or replacement.   

There are three main areas of concern, including the quantity and quality of protective surfacing or ground cover, the curbing around playground equipment, and the materials, integrity, and age of the equipment.  

“As we try to attract more families to our community, we believe that a good plan and investment in our playgrounds and green spaces is vital,” said Mayor Tyler Gandam. “Ensuring we have a comprehensive plan to replace our playground equipment is important so that we don’t have a bunch of replacements needed without a budget assigned to it.”  

The first steps of the plan include:  

  • Remove the playground equipment at Peace Hills Park. 

  • Remove the playground equipment in the back alley of Maple Crescent and Elm Crescent. 

  • Remove any old metal climbing apparatus that presents a high risk of injury. 

  • Develop a multi-year capital charter, planning for the repair, retrofitting, and replacement of the city's 16 playgrounds.  

  • Create a playground reserve to support the city's contribution to the maintenance, re-development of existing playgrounds, and development of new playground spaces.  

Removal of the playground at Peace Hills Park was made a priority due to the safety hazards associated with equipment that no longer meets modern safety standards.  

Following the removal of playground equipment, the park’s green space will still be accessible for recreational use.   

Through future repairs and replacements, the plan aims to incorporate improved accessibility for users of all ages, including consideration of mobility challenges, and auditory and sensory needs.  

Residents around each project will be notified and encouraged to help determine the best amenities and uses for the area’s park.  



**With information provided by the City of Wetaskiwin website.