Lacombe City Council approved some additional funds this week to cover off some cost overruns on the new Lacombe Police Station.

Early on the project faced some setbacks and additional costs as a result of unexpected dirt work and utility relocation that had to happen at the site.

As the project progressed some services were also added to the facility, including space for dispatch services as well as probation and victim services.

City Director of Planning and Operations Matthew Goudy explains how the City will fund the roughly 130 thousand dollar shortfall “the money will be debenture borrowed, there was 2.4 million dollars of original borrowing for this facility and so that will go up to 2.56, somewhere in that range, and the remainder was a combination of reserve and grant funding”.

Goudy says Lacombe Police will be taking over dispatch services as of November 15th, and “and it’s well worth if for the community to have that additional service in the City”.

Total cost of the project is over 8.5 million dollars, with Lacombe Police now operating out of the new location on Wolf Creek Drive.