Canada's AgGrowth Coalition is disappointed that federal and provincial governments have not yet made a clear commitment to undertake a comprehensive review of Business Risk Management (BRM) for Canadian farmers.

Earlier this week the Coalition met with federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay to share a collective request for a review of Business Risk Management programs.

However, after this week's Federal-Provincial-Territorial meetings, the Coalition says it remains unclear whether a BRM review will be part of the Next Ag Policy Framework.

"Farmers are frustrated with the current state of risk management and want to see government and industry work together to find the right fit" says Jack Froese, President, Canadian Canola Growers Association. "Agriculture, like every sector, is continually changing and adapting to remain competitive and sustainable. A comprehensive review of BRM programs just makes sense to ensure risk management programs are meeting the changing needs of farmers."

The AgGrowth Coalition was formed in January 2017 to ensure business risk management was properly addressed in Canada’s agriculture policy framework.

The Coalition is comprised of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Grain Growers of Canada, Grain Farmers of Ontario, the National Sheep Network, and the Canadian Horticultural Council.