Red Deer College Kings Men's Volleyball team from 1999/2000 through to the 2006/07 season were inducted into the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Hall of Fame this weekend in Calgary.

During that eight year stretch, Keith Hansen was coach for seven of the eight national titles, but was quick to give all the credit to his players.

“They were extremely good players and overall the work ethic and the loyalty to the program was just unbelievable,” said Hansen.

He said there was lot of pressure of winning year after year and always had to remind players to not focus on the past.

“We really did just try to focus on one year and one match at a time, which I think had a lot to do with our success.”

The one year Hansen missed, was the year he went to coach professional volleyball in Europe.

Also honoured, was former King Gavin Schmitt who's known as one of Canada's top volleyball players after a trip to the Olympics last year.

Schmitt was forced to retire after Rio with stress fractures in his leg.